…and again, Another Mystery Solved! James Gartlan of Monalty’s Death

For many years now, we believed James Gartlan of Monalty died “Aug Ye 1834 Age 93” as recorded in several publications . Last week, Joe Callan, who works at the Carrickmacross Workhouse discovered James’ obituary in the Newry Examiner. He died in Gresham’s Hotel in Dublin August 7, 1837. In addition, Joe went back to the Old Donagmoyne Cemetery and re-examined James grave stone. While terribly eroded and encrusted, he believes James’ age at death was 83, not 93 as previously reported. So for now, I’m going with his birth year as 1754 and his age at death as 83. Thus, he would have been about 45-46 when he married Alice McEvoy – a much more plausible age. See: Gartlan, James – Monaty – Obit


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